Passion for Technology

Our motto says it all. It is more than a motto it is why we started BluggySoft and why we still enjoy what we do. What do we do? We primarily we help others bring their software idea to reality. We only pick projects which interest us and if there is a good fit. If you want to learn more about how we operate read on.

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We transform your ideas into reality.

Do you have the next killer idea but are not sure how to get started? Do you already have a mediocre system in place and want to improve efficiencies by updating it? Do you have a business and want to get more customers through web based marketing?

We specialize in finding the right solution for you. Sometimes it is helping set up an off-the shelf product, sometimes it is developing software to your unique requirements and environment.

We have a passion for technology. Period.

You may be hesitant about working with BluggySoft because you may think it is too expensive to have custom software. We beg to differ ... how can you afford not to?

  • We have experience in different markets and software tools and may be able to develop your project quicker and cheaper then you many think
  • The costs of having a poor system in place far out weights creating the correct one.
  • In some situations we can share the costs in exchange for shares in the company.
  • We outline the costs in advance. We prefer to price out a total project in advance. No surprises. If we miss-calculated the complexity it is our problem, not yours.
  • We are less expensive then the BIG consulting companies because:
    • For the smaller projects we often work on them part time, and charge a considerably reduced rate.
    • We have a library of tools, code snippets, and frameworks already which help us developed a custom solution for you.
    • We have minimal overhead. We do not have an administrative staff or fancy offices. In most case you will work directly with the lead engineer. No middle men (or women).


Software development
  • Requirement analysis
  • Proof-of concept and finished product
  • User manuals and training
  • Enhancements to existing systems
IT Support
  • Web hosting
  • Database set-up, performance monitoring, and tuning
Web Site Design

We use a mobile first design approach to make sure your web based applications will scale correctly on today's devices. We use a MVCVM design pattern with bootstrap css. Most of the code is reusable by a mobile application, if you decide you want one.

Content Management System

We can help you create a CMS. We primarily use DotNetNuke and customize it to your needs. We can help you set up a e-commerce site quickly using industry standard widgets and themes.

Process Analysis

We love process, well when it works right. We have worked with many companies where they have a good idea, a great team, but their processes hidered progress. We can look objectively at your organization and evaluate any short comings. We will make recommendation for software. Possibly a different team organization. It may not need much just change, just a little fine tuning. Our goal is to help you improve productivity and employee satisfaction.


Maybe your team wants to be introduced to a new development language or technique. Does everyone on the team have the same core level of knowledge which to communicate with? How about being trained with the right way to run a development team? Training is not always fun be we try our best to make it enjoyable.


While our focus is not on hosting we realize that this is a critical piece in having a solid and reliable solution. Most customers will ask us to help them set up a hosted solution so it is one less technical headache they need to deal with. We can help you find the right, cost effective hosting solution for mail servers, databases, websites, and hosted applications. Options can include:

  • Host on your servers or any provider you choose
  • Host on our servers
  • Hosting through our partner. Costs start as low as $100/year, depending on bandwith requiremnts
  • Host on Microsoft’s cloud platform (Azure)


Here are some of the projects we are actively working on


A system to help teams manage their projects. More than a ticketing system, it manages all of your important ideas, plans and effort. We use it at BluggySoft and also offer it to customers as a subscription based service


Makes using technology fun again. Tired of typing everything? Skethadoo can learn your simple sketches and link to your favorite web sites, contacts, or locations. You can also hare with your friends and see their sketches. Release in summer 2015


We are located less than 2 hours northwest of Chicago, IL, near Rockford IL. While most of our customers are local we have worked with customers throughout the United States.

Tells us about your project. Email us at

BluggySoft, LLC
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Tel: (815) 547-0062